HTTP/2 Approved - The first HTTP update since 1999

IETF HTTP team have finished their work on the latest version of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This new version is called HTTP/2 and is the first update since 1999, when the first standard 1.1 was approved. HTTP/2 has been already approved by the working team and soon will be officially published.

HTTP/2 offers a lot of advantages when working with servers. In particular, pages will load faster and the connection will be active much longer. Due to the new multiplexing feature it will be now possible to make several requests at the same time, reducing server load. HTTP/2 uses API which are familiar to developers, thus they can decide whether use the new features or not.

HTTP/2 is based on Google SPDY, which allows to decrease connection latency, increase connection safety and improve page load speed. Google have already reported that Chrome current protocol will be withdrawn in favor of HTTP/2.

Developers can test the HTTP/2 features even before it is officially launched. For this purpose, they will need to use Chrome or Firefox with test server.

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