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How to improve performance of a business blog with a dedicated server?

Developing a successful business blog implies not only creating quality content and keeping in touch with your readers. Many prominent bloggers that that technical aspects have even bigger impact on project success than the content provided. No matter what kind of blog you create, it’s important to have a reliable hosting server. If you want to have the best your money can get, you should definitely opt for dedicated server hosting.

Selecting hosting for startups: all you need to know

If you are going to launch a startup, you know that every dollar counts and you need to use opportunities smartly to establish decent company reputation. This is why many startups look for dedicated server or cloud server hosting models to develop their websites.

What is server mirroring, and how does it work?

Although dedicated server hosting is considered to be highly reliable and safe, things happen: if you lose data stored on the server, it may cost you a lot. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure backup options for your business, and server mirroring is one of them.

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