Can IP address be hacked?

Observing the change of IP address, some technically challenged people start thinking their IP address has been stolen, which causes computer slow down and malfunctions. But can it really be hacked, and if yes, what are the consequences?

In fact, your IP address cannot be hacked. In most cases, user’s Service Provider may be servicing several areas, so the user may be granted a new IP address every time reconnecting to the Internet. Remember that your former IP address may be assigned for a different machine next time, and it doesn’t mean your computer or information are exposed to any kind of hazard. Service providers working with multiple areas may assign IP addresses as they want, and address alteration may not cause abnormalities in PC functioning.

Can anyone hack you, knowing your IP address? It depends on the type of connection to the Internet. But in most cases the chances of being hacked are unlikely, unless you have tremendous sums on you bank account, and it is accessible from your computer. Hacking with IP address is a time-consuming and difficult task that must be worth trying. So, it is easier for hackers to access your PC by viruses rather than with IP address.

If you have a static IP address, that won’t increase chances of being hacked. What eases hackers’ task is software and configuration vulnerability: when hackers know about it, they can attack the machine. But again, if hackers really got interested in your account (there must be obvious reasons for that), they are more likely to apply a rootkit or a virus to get the information.

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