Static IP, its advantages and disadvantages

Static IP isd the IP that is given permanently to you by your Internet Service Provider. Such IP won’t change if you reboot the computer. Static IP is usually assigned to the websites that are connected with hosting, email or FTP services and so on. Also such IPs may be assigned to the organizations that require the same IPs over long periods of time. Such IP-address requires manual configuration of router or server for the use of IP-address.


- IP-address won’t change, it is very important for web-servers, email servers and other internet-servers;

- you may assign domain name to static IP address and then use it to access your IP.


- more expensive than the dynamic IP-adress - usually static IP-addresses are charged separately;

- the need of additional protection - the IP-address is assigned to a certain device and it may become vulnerable to attacks from time to time because of that.

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