Apple’s Intentions to Produce Electric Cars by 2020

According to Boomerang, the tech giant aims to begin production on the electric car project as soon as possible.

As previously reported by Wall Street Journal, the electric car is being produced under the secret name Titan. The rumors suggest that the new car might resemble a minivan. Moreover, some mysterious cars have been noticed, which featured cameras, detectors and disk-shaped antennas believed to scan the road and help engineers develop a special software. But it is still unclear whether those vehicles are somehow related to the new project.

According to Boomerang, the Titan team is currently made up of 200 specialists, and Apple continues to pick up employees to work on the project.

It has been mentioned that normally it takes 5 to 7 years for a car manufacturer to develop a vehicle. But when creating a car from scratch, it could take a decade. But Apple is supposedly going to master the production of electric vehicles by 2020. In other words, the Apple Empire expects to meet the shortest possible timeline.

Some analysts suppose that Apple could speed up the production process substantially by purchasing Tesla. As estimated, the deal could reach $75 billion.

One way or another, Apple is tight-lipped about the project, thus it is still unclear what is to expect from the new project.

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