How to reboot a dedicated server

In case you use dedicated server based on Linux operating system, at some point you might need to reboot it. It can be done in several ways. Usually when you order some dedicated server during its setup you get its specifications as well as your login data. That login data may be used to connect to server that is located in the data-center and to reboot it remotely using the control panel. This is the best and the most secure way to perform this task. It guarantees that the server will be thoroughly rebooted and will load without any problems. In case with Dell servers, with which we highly work, iDRAC is generally used. It is the instrument that allows to  fulfill virtually any task connected with setup and maintenance of your dedicated server. By using it you will be able to reboot your server. To connect to iDRAC you have to use ip-address that will lead you to the login screen where you have to use your login information. After login you will be able to maintain your server remotely and particularly to reboot it.

Another way to achieve the same result is to issue the commands via SSH. To do it, you can use any shell client, such as, for example PuTTY. You will need to enter your login data and to use your root password that was given to you during the server setup. Pay attention to the fact that if you changed it while using your dedicated server, it may be different from the password you got during the setup. When you connect to the server using root password you may reboot it just by issuing the “reboot” command. This command, though, should be used with great care. If the server is overloaded or some critical services don’t work correctly the reboot may cause freeze or inability of the server to start correctly. In this case the first method will work and will help to solve the problem. Also if for some reasons you are unable to reboot the server, you will always be able to send request to technical support of the company that provided the dedicated server for you.

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