Your personal web-site: the possibility to tell the world about yourself

Seems like today everybody has personal space in the web: pages in social networks, Instagram, Twitter, blogs. Plus, a lot of people start up their own site. You can do it, too. Why? The point of any site is not making money only: for many, this is a great opportunity to share their thoughts, skills and inspiration with the entire world. Think you have nothing to say? Here are some interesting ideas and reasons to begin implementing your project.

1. How-to’s. You can do something special better than others (sewing, creation of unique art objects, extreme riding)? Show the people that they may learn it, too! Post your lessons and pieces of advice.

2. Photos and videos. Are you a professional photographer, or just an amateur who takes lots of beautiful pics every day? Let the others see them, too. But don’t forget about copywrite – reserve your rights.

3. Exercise tracking. Love cycling or pilates? Keep tracking your results and achievements and inspire the public with it.

4. Travel blog is a great opportunity to create your photo-album in the Net, show people the new places and share your impressions.

5. Opinion blog is a good option for those who have a lot to say and, probably, want to discuss this or that issue with the public. But remember: no personal insults and critics should be posted to avoid conflicts.

6. Love cooking and experimenting on the kitchen? Food blog is your chance to show the ideas and exchange experiences.

7. Outfit blog. You have an eye for fashion? Know how to make this or that thing stylish? Post your looks or images of stylish people you meet (of course, if they agree to go public).

8. Show your wedding or Birthday party. If you have some fresh and original ideas for celebrations, why not giving other people the opportunity to try it?

9. Reviews on restaurants, shops, and different public places is a chance not just to criticize them, but share your experience and help others to make the right choice.

10. Make your own exposition. Collect cars, pictures, statuettes or soft toys? Show your collection to the world, and maybe the users from other countries and continents will find the new objects for it?

A web-site is a unique possibility to realize your ideas and express your thoughts and opinions. If you have inspiration, your site will be a great space to splash it out.

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