Why you should move from virtual hosting to dedicated server

If your website grows and develops, virtual hosting may not be enough and you will have to switch to dedicated server. But how to detect that it is the time for it?

Everything is simple here, you could use the following indicators:

- the increased page load times

- the errors in database due to increased flow of users

- the performance of your website suffers because the server is overloaded

By switching to dedicated server you will be able to get rid of those porblems. You will get the separate equipment for your data and resources. It will increase the reliability and productivity of your website.

By switching ot dedicated server you get the following advantages:

- the ability to install any software you like

- higher speeds of load of heavy applications

- the ability to store personal user data

- the increase of productivity when dealing with the great amount of traffic

- the ability to make bandwidth wider and to add storage space when you need it.

Of course you should choose the reliable company for that purposes.

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