Why you need a European dedicated server?

The Internet market is full of hosting offers, and it is really hard to choose a worthy product, and even harder – a worthy provider. Often, we buy something we don’t use down the road, but when it comes to web-hosting, many people just can’t find a product that meets all their demands.

Some customers simply don’t know what exactly they need and see no difference between hosting solutions. Let’s discuss one of the best options available today – dedicated servers. You will find out why this is a great solution for any kind of business, and what are the benefits of European servers.

What is dedicated web-hosting?

A dedicated server provides a type of hosting when a client has the entire server at his or her disposal. It is a more flexible solution than shared hosting, and provides company with full server management options. They may choose the operating system, hardware, etc. All resources belong to one user only.

Why you should opt for a dedicated server?

Most often, a dedicated server is the quickest and the most efficient solution. It provides you with complete control over hardware and software. You may specify all security settings and even state the point where ISP admins can’t get root access.

The most private solution

Key benefit of dedicated server is the fact that it is completely under your control. Since it belongs only to one user, all the power and resources belong to him, and he is free to use them for any purpose. Server can be rebooted when needed, fully customized, and user may install any software and run any applications.

Why do I need full control over my server?

When you develop large and serious online business, you can’t afford putting your hosting at risk because of other users on a shared server. All in all, downtime will cost you money. Decent businessmen wouldn’t accept someone else’s mistakes, especially if they may affect budget.

What is the best dedicated server for web hosting?

There is no clear answer for this question: everything depends on a range of factors. For instance, what kind of online business are you going to host? E-commerce site? A blog? Informational portal, or a magazine?

In fact, the answer depends on your requirements and budget. Hundreds of companies provide a wide range of dedicated servers from cheap and simple ones to sophisticated and powered with the most advanced technologies. Besides, some dedicated servers are created especially to suit needs of certain kinds of business.

What do managed dedicated servers provide?

When you order a managed dedicated server, the provider takes care of your hosting account, setup, troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.

Why you should opt for European dedicated servers?

Simply because they are among the best solutions. European servers have high peering globally. Besides, if you have visitors located in Europe, this is the best option of all for you.

Hosting providers use the best hardware for server network to provide excellent services for customers. They guarantee 99.9% uptime and exceptional performance. Moreover, you can be sure in security of your personal data hosted on the network – it will be protected by local laws. Professional technical support team will be available 24/7 to solve technical issues for you or answer your questions. High-quality service will be provided anytime you need. Some companies provide their own hardware and network infrastructure located in Netherlands, Luxembourg and other countries.

All in all, a European dedicated server is the most optimal solution for users who need maximum performance, control and security for reasonable cost. Such hosting is definitely worth spending every Euro!

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