Why use CDN for your blog on WordPress?

Many users are interested in increasing the speed of the blog in WordPress. So let us see what can be done about it. CDN is a network of servers that deliver cached static content from website to users and take into account the geographical position of the user.

So what happens when the user comes to your WordPress blog? It is redirected to your hosting. You hosting is located in a certain place and that's why all the users are directed to it. The popularity of your website grows and the server may stop to respond and blog will cease to work too. That's when CDN comes in handy. It uses multiple servers on which cached content is stored. This statical content includes images, css, flash, different javascript objects and many more. Now when users will come to your blog, the CDN technology will redirect him to the nearest server. The proximity of user to server influences on the speed of the website load. Spreading content across multiple servers you can see a great speed increase.

So what are CDN advantages for your blog on WordPress?

The advantages of CDN are very big. First of all, it is speed - begin to use CDN and you will see the speed increase. Also your blog on WordPress will be more protected from crashes - it may be done due to the correct tuning of CDN and caching. CDN thus allows to lower the load because of the use of multiple servers and thus decrease the load on your main server. The user will also like your website much better - due to the speed increase the number of users of your website will increase too. Also mind SEO advantages. Google explicitly states that faster websites get higher in the search results.


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