Why use a dedicated server?

For those who considers the use of dedicated server this article will be of a certain help. Individuals and medium level businesses can use dedicated servers differently. Let us look how such servers can be used:

- as a web-server - an obvious use. With the help of dedicated servers you will be able to allocate your web-projects on the net. It is necessary to underline that dedicated server is the most advanced mean of hosting in terms of tuning up, productivity and everything else;

- server for backups - the dedicated server can be used for different types of backups and its main role will be the saving of your data in case of unexpected circumstances;

- private cloud - dedicated server can be used for collaboration between different people, serving like a cloud;

-database server - the dedicated server here serves as an effective system of storage for the databases that are used by websites and applications. Here it performs to store, analyze and archive data;

- application server - includes provision of certain applications by server as well as maintaining queries for those applications from the users. It is necessary to say that most applications nowadays are designed with web interface because of convenience to users.

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