Why is CDN needed and do I need one for my website?

This information is targeted to beginners who do not want to know too much about the technical side of CDN and want to know its benefits and how to set it up.

So, what exactly does CDN do?

CDN is a spread infrastructure of web-servers that are located usually all over the world. They are used to deliver website content and information to the public at greater speeds. Thus CDN gives your website the opportunity to work faster and to load faster for the end user.

Another advantage of CDN is that if your website goes down, CDN will give the user the cached version of it, that can be browsed, but no changes can be made to it. Users won’t be able to upload any files or change anything in their profiles while the cached version is in use. However, if your website works in normal way, you will never see the cached version of it.

How to find out whether you need CDN for your website?

CDN may be used on virtually any website – it doesn’t matter big or small. As long as CDN stores your web content, the users will be able to benefit from faster load times and less number of errors. Also CDN will be able to protect your website from numerous vulnerabilities that hackers try to exploit to make your website fail or to get the access to some sensitive or confidential information.

How hard is to setup CDN?

The procedure is rather simple. Actually it is enough to update DNS – they can be found on the login screen of your hosting provider or through the CPanel. After you do it, you will notice that your website began to work much faster.

Can CDN be used with WordPress?

In most cases WordPress works with CDN just fine and it doesn’t matter what settings and what kind of setup you use. WordPress is quick with the help of CDN and you will have no problems.

Is it safe? Where does my information go?

If you use the services of some reliable CDN provider, you don’t have to worry about such things – they don’t need your information at all. All they do is deliver your content to your audience at faster speeds through the channel that is more reliable than standalone server. As long as no password or login is needed, all information can be accessed by audience. In general, CDN use is totally safe.

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