Why do I need a dedicated IP?

A lot of web-hosting providers offer dedicated IP addresses for your web hosting server. The price is pretty low (about $1-2 a month), but is that necessary? Why would you need separate IPs for your web server?

This is a must-have if you use shared server or VPS. If you don’t have a separate IP, then your present IP will be shared by hundreds of other web-sites. All of them would have the same IP address, and that means putting your project under risk. Dedicated IPs have a lot of advantages, including:

1. If some of your neighbors with the same IP start sending SPAM messages, post service companies may block this IP address. As the result, it will affect everyone sharing the IP including you. Consequently, the messages sent from your web-site either will be blocked, or marked as SPAM (and directed in SPAM folder automatically) although it’s not your fault. On the contrary, a dedicated IP will make you independent from such neighbors.

2. If a web-master starts advancing his web-site by unfair methods, the search engine will ban his IP address as well as the rest web-sites with the same IP. But that happens only if there are several unscrupulous sites are located on one IP address. All the other web-sites won’t be banned because of one such web-site.

3. With the help of a dedicated IP you may establish anonymous FTP connection.

4. Without personal IP it is impossible to get an SSL-certificate.

5. Personal IP provides additional protection against DDoS attacks on your neighbors.

These are the basic advantages of dedicated IPs for shared hosting and VPS. But do you need them for dedicated server hosting? Yes, it is recommended to have several IPs each for separate web-site. Besides, an IP is needed for Slave DNS, or to get access to your web-site if the basic IP is inaccessible.

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