Why dedicated servers are vital for online connectivity

When the business is only beginning to evolve, it is usually positioned on shared hosting and this may be easily explained -  the traffic is limited and the demands are low.

Virtual dedicated server is the next step in cheap hosting area. However as the company grows, the increase in traffic leads to heightening of needs in resources. Here the dedicated server comes in handy - its resources belong to only one client. Client fully controls the server and may install applications and software of his choice. Even more, the dedicated server environment is more secure.

Dedicated server is good in case you need the stable online presence. It is usually vital for business, electronic commerce and so on. No other decision will suit better. Data-centers that provide customers with dedicated servers allow business not to worry about the presence online and concentrate on development.

There are also other advantages:

1. Security - the server belongs only to you and that’s why you don’t have to worry about threats from other websites as while using shared hosting.

2. Unique IP-address - you get unique IP-address with your dedicated server - it will help to block spam and other unwanted elements.

3. Better performance - forget about spam, downtimes, traffic swamps and so on - everything will work at high speeds.

4. Ability to tune - dedicated server gives the ability to tune the applications as you wish.

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