When to use CDN?

CDN can be defined as the system of geographically spread servers or nodes, that give away files from different locations. CDN allows to quickly serve files by using advanced caching techniques, as well as different algorythms of searching and indexation. The number of servers in such network can be really great and all of them are synchronized with the original servers. That’s why the delivery of your content may be enhanced greatly by minimizing the latency and increasing the availability of content in different regions.

So when should one consider using CDN? CDN will be helpful if you have much streaming data or in case you have much multinational traffic. Also it will be extremely useful if you need to have advanced control of your cache.

If you need to enhance the delivery of your content to different points of the world, CDN will help you a lot. With such network your content and resource will load much quicker and it will be appreciated by your audience for sure.


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