What to pay attention to choosing managed dedicated server

The choice of the dedicated server and the reliable company that will be responsible for its maintenance is critical for any organization. Nowadays there are many hosting companies and this all makes the choice process rather difficult. Let us try to understand how to make the choice correctly. So what should we think of before we pay for the dedicated server?

First of all, mind that it is always batter to choose completely managed server. If you need dedicated server, you will also need someone to perform administrative tasks on it. The company that provides you hosting services usually manages the server for you. The server management is one of the most important factors influencing the smooth work of organization.

Speaking in general, we should underline the following things:

- server monitoring;

- server security (involves stability checks, spam filtering, firewall configuration and much more)

- disk space management

- repository management

- backup creation and many more

It is also very important to pay attention to where the dedicated server is located. The data center in which it is located should have:

- good bandwidth;

- power in abundance;

- good network protection;

- cooling mechanisms.

The ability to reboot the server remotely:

As it may be completely understood, the ability of the remote reboot allows to reboot your dedicated server from any remote point, separately from the organization performing your dedicated server maintenance. This gives you advantage in case you want to upgrade the software on your server by yourself or just want to perform some administrative tasks.

CDN availability:

Some hosting companies nowadays also offer CDN services - the network that allows to deliver your content to users much quicker all over the world.

Specialized support:

After you choose the dedicated server you want it is very important to have someone to manage it correctly and in time.


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