What to choose for hosting - UNIX or Windows?

Not everyone will be able to answer what platform is better for hosting - UNIX or Windows. Let us try to answer this question and to bring light to some things. So, what should you pay attention to?

- convenience. For today administering under UNIX and Windows is almost the same in terms of convenience. If you have enough experience, you may choose UNIX, where you can use shell. If you are a newbie, you may find rather useful web-interface for performing administrative tasks on both platforms.

- reliability - specialists underline that UNIX is more reliable, however, possessing needed knowledge and abilities, Windows reliability can be close to the needed level - the decisive point here is the qualification of the personnel

- response and performance- the platforms are not so different on this parameter.

- functioning - this is the parameter that differs two platforms the most. Nevertheless, there are not too many tasks that may be performed on one operating and cannot on another.

- costs - in this area UNIX leads clearly because the most part of software is distributed under free licenses.

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