What should be considered when selecting a Managed Dedicated Server

Today, dedicated server is the most optimal and effective solution for web hosting. How to make the right choice, if you decided to order one? Pay attention to the key managed dedicated servers characteristics:

Provider’s assistance. Consider how much a provider can do for you, supporting your dedicated server: installing, set up, maintenance, software upgrading, back ups, security monitoring, etc. The more he does, the easier server management will be for you.

Price. Regard it as your investment, not as your expenses. All the features and services provided mean that you don’t have to take care about these aspects, and you can concentrate on other business issues. No webmaster can control his server as efficiently as a provider, who observes it 24/7/365.

High performance is one of crucial features. Select a server that will supply enough bandwidth, programming, physical space, functions and the number of applications you will run.

Reliability. The most advanced providers ensure 99.9% up-time, and customer support is of much importance, as well. Make sure you will be able to address assistants quickly via different means (e-mail, Skype, live chat, etc.).

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