What is modular data-center?

Modular data-center is the building where servers are located. Such building is created under modular principles and uses all the necessary engineering communications, is electrified, has proper means of heat removal, fire prevention system, supervising systems and general security systems. Modular data-center is the building consisting of blocks. Each and every such block is created in a separate place and then delivered to the construction site where is turned to a ready construction. The positive thing about such data center is that it is intended for quick deployment and may help to increase power quickly if needed.

The advantages of modular data-center:

  • modular data-center is very useful when it is needed to increase power gradually
  • it is useful when constructing on the site where the capital building is hard to be performed
  • allows to increase power of already existing data-center
  • allows to quickly deply backup data-center

Every modular data-center has several blocks. Every such block is intended for different purposes:

  • energetical module - here there are systems of electrification and accumulators
  • server module - here server equipment is located as well as means of heat removal
  • entry module - through this module the personnell gets access to data-center

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