What is MAC-address and how to find it out?

MAC, or Media Access Control address  is known as the unique identifier that is assigned to any network device. It is also often called the physical address of the hardware. All MAC-addresses have length of 48 bit and are written in the following format - XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY. The first 3 bytes of the MAC-address are known as the identifier of the manufacturer, and another 3 bytes - as the device serial number that is given to in by manufacturer. MAC-address is a constant value that cannot be changed.

Operating systems support different utilities that can both have Graphical GUI and work in console. Such utilities allow to find out the MAC-address of the device. For example, such commands as ip address show, ip link list or ifconfig - a in UNIX and Linux operating systems allow to learn MAC-address alongside with other useful information. In Windows systems such information can be obtained by using the following command - ipconfig /all.

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