What is DDoS-attack?

DDoS or Distributed Denial-of-service attack is defined as a malicious attack that is intended for the resource to stop responding to its users. This attack is performed from more than one (and sometimes from thousands different IPs). Most of all hackers try to harm websites or services that are located on quality web-servers in bands or different institutions of that calibre, however among the motifs of such attacks there may be revenge, activism or blackmail.

How do you know that the resource is attacked? There are several signs that may show it:

  • unusually slow network response - the files can be accessed on ver low speed and website opens very slowly as well;
  • unavailability of a certain website;
  • unability to get access to any website;
  • great amount of spam - this is also referred to as a mail bomb;
  • disconnection from wired or wireless network;
  • long absence of network access or access to any other Internet services.

DDoS-attacks may also harm other computers on the Web and not only those they are intended for. Thus the bandwidth between the Internet router and LAN may be may be totally occupied by attacking side, compromising other computers in the local network.

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