What is an SSL Certificate?

When you open some sites, the standard HTTP part in the address bar sometimes changes into HTTPS, and a padlock sign shows off. What does that mean? It indicates that all operations and transactions performed on this page are protected by an SSL certificate. What is what and why is it so important?

To take it shortly, a SSL certificate is a small data file that activates cryptographic key to encode organization’s details. Being used through the connection between web browser and server, it serves to ensure security of data transfer, logins and passwords, and debit/credit card transactions. Not so long ago it started being used on social media sites to protect personal users’ information. An SSL certificate bands together names of domain, server and host, and company name with its location.

Why organizations use SSL certificates? They are connected with servers to establish secure sessions with web browsers. As soon as an SSL certificate is applied, all web traffic between server and browser becomes secure. It is protected from hacking, personal data leaking and other troubles.

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