What does DS lease include?

Today, dedicated server is one of the most effective solutions of hosting problems. There exist many options in terms of dedicated servers in the USA and Europe, providing customers with well-functioning excellent IT-service. Leasing a dedicated server on the basis of European or USA data center in Netherlands or Dallas, you get a lot of advantages:

*New up-to-date equipment and hardware;

*Service of high quality;

*Reliability and good protection of data storage;

*You get all the information about traffic on daily basis;

*Qualified engineering staff;

*Independence from failures of other servers and the Net;

*Possibility to manage server yourself and get help from provider.

What else does lease a dedicated server include? There are the following options:

1. Connection to Ethernet switchboard port (100Mb/s full-duplex connection mode).

2. Equipment installation (provider supplies all tools of chosen configuration).

3. Pre-paid traffic volume.

4. Pre-installation of selected OS (CentOS, FreeBSD, or others acc. to your order).

5. Full root-access to the server on SSH level or full administration

Note that if traffic limit is exceeded, you pay according to a certain tariff.  In case your server is managed, admins will install all needed software for you and perform all operations. Otherwise, you will have to do it by yourself.

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