What does data-center consist of?

Typical data-center consists of:

- information infrastucture, including server equipment that provides with main functions of data-center - processing and storage of information;

- telecommunicational infrastructure that connects the elements of data-center, as well as data transmission between data-center and users;

- engineering infrastructure that provides normal functionality of main systems of data-center.

Engineering infrastructure includes conditioning systems for retaining the temperature and humidity on the needed level, the power supply without interruptions for the autonomous work of data-center in case power systems fail, security and fire prevention systems, remote IP-control system, the power management and access systems.

Some data-center offer their clients additional services - the teams of professional specialists monitor server 24 hours a day. It is necessary to say that the prices of data-centers may be very different as well as the services they provide.

To make sure that the user data is safe, regular backups are made. To prevent thefts data-centers use different systems of physical access limits and systems of video monitoring. The equipment is stored usually in racks because usual desktop computer boxes are not convenient and are rarely used.


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