Web-content that increases traffic

So, you have launched a blog or a web-site, but the number of visitors isn’t growing as quickly as you wish? Probably, you should consider using something more than just bare pieces of texts. There are at least eight types of content that will add traffic, improve SEO and boost conversion rates, helping you to reach the target audience.

1. Infographics are images that express some certain information, be that statistics, contacts, company offers, or whatever. They are attractive and comprehensible. But note that its creation by professional designers costs pretty much. Also mind that infographics have become widespread, which makes them less interesting from an average user. Improve it, and make a “gifographic” – an animated image.

2. Meme is another type of visual content that draws a lot of attention. People love humor, people love reading something about experiences they also had. So if you want to develop your project in social media, and it is targeted on young people mostly, this type of content will be just the thing. Besides, they are easy to create – there are many online services. But don’t overuse them, because they may spoil the entire company image, making it seem less serious and devaluating the brand and its ideas.

3. Video is a primary type of content that must be added to your web-site. It is not just a moving picture, it’s a good way to explain and show, to make people comprehend some things better, and turn information transmitting into a far more interesting process. You don’t have to invest a lot into movie making in the beginning. Start with ideas, try to introduce several clips and observe the reaction of auditory.

4. Lists are far more attractive and understandable than abstract articles and texts. It helps to summarize information, making it easier to read and memorize. You can make a list concerning any topic. Plus, the format of such texts is simple: an introduction, a list itself (the more detailed, the better), and a conclusion.

5. Reviews and discussions of books, films, recipes, stores, restaurants, etc. – is a good way to attract clients. People love exchanging opinions and getting new information basing on personal experience. This type of content is especially good, if you have fields for users’ comments. Add a text about some burning issue, and see people coming to your site, communicating and exploring other pages eventually.

6. A “How-to” is one of the most popular types of content, because it is also interesting and simple to comprehend. Your goal is to collect pieces of helpful information, or hire a copywriter who will do that for you, add quality pics of even videos, and post an article, complementing it with keywords and links, if necessary.

7. Case study is the type of content that is suitable for some exact niches. In two words, this is an explanation of what is the product and service, and how it can help a client. If you promote your own brand, or advertise someone else’s company, it can be a great piece of information that will clearly show product or service pros and cons, looking very convincing.

8. There are leaders and authoritative people in every sphere. Interviews with both top dogs and specialists greatly improve image of your project, making it look more professional.

The list of content is not confined to these types only, there are many other files and texts of different formats. You don’t have to use all these kinds of content, or may even invent something new - it’s all about ideas first, that are formed and shaped later on.

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