Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore When Choosing a Hosting Provider

So, you have decided to go for dedicated hosting service, but don’t know what to choose from? There are so many providers, how can a user know which is the best? Most likely, you already know what the telltale signs of a good provider are. But which signs are warning? Learn which features and offers may be suspicious.

Long-Term Contracts

Some hosting companies offer discounts when signing up a long-term contract. Some of them last for a year, while the longest ones take up for four years and even more. Be careful! In most cases, such contracts are more beneficial for company rather than user.

What if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of hosting server, or it degrades over time? Or, probably, your website has overgrown the hosting plan. If you decide to cancel the contract, the host may penalize or even refuse to refund. This is especially risky, when combined with short money-back guarantee. So think twice before agreeing to such offer.

Bargain Based Hosting Company

If the price of hosting is much less than average, there must be something wrong. We all want cheap service, but the cost of dedicated server hosting should not just cover itself. If you order hosting that is too cheap, most probably, a provider does not supply decent customer support, or overloads its servers.

Unlimited Package

Some packages are too good to be true, it especially concerns shared hosting offers. Remember: there is no such thing as unlimited resources. Every hosting company should know its limits, even if these are physical properties of server and the connection. Keep in mind that companies that promise unlimited packages have the right to disconnect accounts when it pleases them.

Host That Cannot be Contacted

If a provider has only one support channel, or you can’t connect with it whenever you want, it is a bad sign which can mean that client support personnel may be spread around large area. If you can’t get in contact with the provider immediately, or at least during 1-2 days, it is not worth partnering.

Host On Another Server

Use WhoIsHostingThis to examine who is behind the host. If you see that the host is different, it is most likely to be a reseller. There is nothing bad about resellers, if the company really positions itself as one.

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