The most valuable information about CDN

Newbies often have many questions about what CDN is and how it works. Here we are going to cover the most interesting information about content delivery networks.

The aim of CDN is to deliver content to the end user as soon as possible. CDN also allows to solve many issues with performance because it comprises the wide-spread network of servers that will allow to gain high speed, reliability  and scalability.

It is well-known fact that CDN works well with static files, howevers several CDN providers allow to work with Dynamic files as well. CDN allows to make presence on leading world markets stronger because it has many servers all over the world and this increases availability of the website.

CDN also allows to increase security and safety of your resource - all providers try to do their best to be on par with leading world standards in terms of safety and provide protection for DDoS-attacks and other threats.

Most CDN can be easily set up and you will be connected to them in several hours. The cost of such service is different from provider to provider and depends basically on bandwidth, performance, network size, level of safety and other things.


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