The important information about CDN

Many people are interested in CDN however the information on the Web is somewhat different. Let us try to underline the most important moments about such networks.

1. What issues does the CDN allows to solve?

CDN allows to make spenditure on bandwidth much less, to increase website availability, but the main idea is to reduce latency - the time, during which the server gets, processes and delivers data according to the query of the user. CDN caches static resources on the nodes in the particular region or all over the world and they are delivered from the server that is the closest to user.

2. Does CDN help in every situation?

CDN is a must for many resources, but not for any. For example, if your audience is mainly local, CDN is not going to improve the situation much.

3. Are all CDNs equal?

The correct choice of CDN is very important. The performance will be determined by the provider you choose. To make a correct choice, it is better first to know where your target audience is to choose the provider.


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