The advantages of dedicated servers in comparison to other kinds of hosting

Dedicated servers have some advantages in comparison to other kinds of hosting, such as shared hosting or VPS. Let us try to underline those advantages:

  1. First of all, the main advantage is speed of your project and its productivity - you will be satisfied with the page load times and this will also help you to increase conversion because users will stay on the pages of your project more eagerly.
  2. Next advantage is flexibility. Here you will be able to install the applications that you need when you need them and will be able to tune everything according to the needs of a certain project.
  3. Of course it is necessary to say about scalability. Dedicated server will be able to cope with huge amounts of traffic and stay a reliable platform.
  4. Another great advantage is high security. It is much more simple to provide security of your project when the platform is used for your project only, and if you have an important business project, dedicated server becomes a must.

Sooner or later every owner of a growing project understands the importance of switching from shared hosting or VPS to dedicated server because it gives reliability, stability and needed productivity and gives the project owner the opportunity to concentrate on project development and do not think too much about limitations of the technical side.


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