The advantages of dedicated server for business

The use of dedicated server for landing your own projects and websites may seem rather expensive, but in the end the result is worthwhile. The shared hosting, it doesn’t matter how well organized and managed, cannot be 100 per cent reliable. However, if you use dedicated server it gives opportunities to avoid many problems that users of shared hosting experience – here we can name overload, bad code and scripts from other users, especially beginners, big amount of loaded applications that are not useful for your project but are used by others. On the contrary, using the dedicated server you will be able to install software that you need.

Dedicated server reduces dependence on hosting and reduces page load times. While using dedicated servers you will be able to give your clients full-time support when it is needed, and it is natural that you won’t be able to do the same while using the shared hosting. Everybody understands that good support is vital for growth of your business and creation of the image of stability and reliability. Rumors have great influence.

For people who work with clients, such as web-designers or graphic designers, the dedicated server is vital for their job. It will allow studio to get more income in the end. If you have constant access to your server that may be tuned according to your needs and updated as soon as possible, it will allow to gather more income and not to share it with anybody else.

The advantages of dedicated server are fully visible if we refer to statistics of how many clients are lost because your website is down or how many clients closed your page just because it took too much time to load it. Some of these people could give good income to you in future and you may be sure that the losses are comparable to the cost of the dedicated server.

For any business the website that has fast load times and is working properly is the indicator of the reliability and stability of your service – you will be able to sell more products. Also you will benefit from creation of good image of your company and from the increase of the base of your clients – the glad users will recommend you to others. Think of it as of greater benefits from less promotions.

If your projects are important to you, think about using dedicated servers.


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