Speed and security - the main two reasons to use CDN

Before we speak about the reasons why you need to use CDN, it is necessary to understand what CDN is.

CDN is the network of connected servers that are geographically spread all over the globe. Usually such static content as video, images, CSS, Javascript, HTML are stored there. When the user comes to your website the content is delivered to him from the closest CDN server geographically. Here’s what CDN network gives you - the speed of content delivery. This content is cached all over the world and that is why the delivery time decreases.

So here we have two main reason to use CDN:

  1. Speed

One of the reasons to use CDN is speed, especailly if your project is located on a shared hosting. By using CDN you will be able to decrease the website load times dramatically.

  1. Security

There are many hackers and malicious threats and therefore security becomes more and more important. CDN plays vital role here because hackers and other threats won’t be able to even reach your server.


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