Optimizing business with CDN

Many successful companies gain their success on the Internet as well. Sooner or later they come to an understanding that the speed of their website should be enhanced. CDN is used for this task. Such network allows to load all static content through itself. This means that the most part of resources of the website will be loaded from server which is closer to particular user. This allows to significantly decrease page load times for evern high-loaded projects.

Every businessman knows that each internet resource should load as soon as possible for users not to be bored and not to leave your website. The enhancement of website work is the greatest aspect that influences business development. Let us see the most important aspects.

1. Conversion

Such stats as conversion and total page loads are highly connected with speed of page loading. The longer the content is loaded, the higher is the chance that the user quits it.

2. Place in search

The quicker the website works, the more high position it will gain during the search. The formulas are secret and you cannot appeal to them but you may decrease page loading time.

3. Reduction of the load on main server

When you connect CDN statical content is loaded not directly but from CDN nodes that are effectively caching content and this all helps to optimize performance.


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