Online back-up: how it works and who needs it

Being the most advanced and reliable storage technology, back-up service is getting more and more widespread among both enterprises and individual Net users.

Online back-up means copying files from your hardware to a remote computer or server, using Internet connection. It allows storing as much data as you need and having access to it anytime from each corner of the world where you can find Internet. The principle of work is simple: using Internet connection, you back some files (of any format) or the whole contents from your hard drive to cloud storage space via browser interface. Some services require installation of software to ease access to data. Anyway, all the information is stored constantly on remote server, and the files are automatically renewed if you make changes.

The majority of back-up services are based on subscription, and the price depends on storage space required. That makes providers introduce various innovative technologies like deduplication or incremental backups to save virtual space.

It is not a secret that cloud storage is already applied not only by IT departments of different enterprises and companies, but by ordinary users, too. Back-up service is available for everybody, allowing saving just a couple of photos, or the whole company infrastructure, including network-attached storage devices. Online back-up is a wise solution for those who want to keep their files safe.

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