Main CDN-related questions

Many users acknowledge the importance of CDN for any project, but what about those who just take the first steps? Let us see the most frequent questions about CDN.

  1. What is the CDN purpose?

CDN allows to transmit data to users all over the world on the highest speeds - quickly and reliably. Besides that due to CDN use the website will work even during the peak loads

  1. How CDN allows to increase performance?

It is easy - CDN gives the whole network to the disposal of the client, and it is especially tuned to achieve the maximum speed, reliability and scalability.

  1. Why not use several data-centers?

First of all because it is not at all practical, it is more expensive and will make you loose more time. CDN is fast to set up and you can avoid huge investments.

  1. Is CDN useful when streaming video?

Yes, it may increase the transmission of streaming video.

  1. Can CDN enhance the security of the website or network?

CDN providers are constantly looking forward to enhance and test the security of their networks to answer all demands. Also CDN allows to protect from DDoS-attacks.

  1. How CDN helps to increase revenue?

If you are the owner of your own web-business and your resource is loading more than 3 seconds you may be sure to lose clients. CDN helps to avoid it and to increase your income.


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