Learning to increase site ranking

Today, search engines use smart technologies and algorithms that define site ranking, basing on various aspects. Think that keywords are the only thing that defines the position of sites? There is much more to it than you suspect. How to improve ranking and advance your web-project to Top-10 sites of its category?

Of course, content is of much importance. The more “keywords” are identified and put into articles correctly, the more often your site will be found by users. But site optimization is a far more complicated process. For instance, regular site updating is another crucial factor. Yes, search engines can detect the dates or recent update, and the companies renewing sites years ago will be less preferable than the ones with fresh content and new pages. A good idea is keeping a calendar that will show your guests that you are an active developer, and your site has plenty of up-to-date information.

Google also ranks long-lasting companies higher than newcomers. If you have been present online for years, it means your approach is serious, and your site is more reliable than recently created ones.

Another way is to increase the number of users. To make people visit your site, place links to it on other relevant web-sites. Relevant only! Because if the links are posted randomly wherever you want, Google will penalize your web-project and rank it lower. Look for link opportunities, and place your links on some online directories that enlist similar companies, give their contacts and direct web-links.

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