Interesting facts about server clusters

Server cluster is the group of servers intended for achieving maximum performance, much more that single server is able to give. Server clusters are the bunch of computers, routers, power elements and other related electronics that is put into 19-inch racks in server rooms and big data centers.

Here are several interesting facts about data-centers:

1. Often the productivity of big clusters depends on the work of cooling systems and electrification and not on the productivity of processors themselves.

2. The heat that is going from the servers may be used for heating of the buildings in cold climates and reduce of energy consumption by the conventional heaters. Sometimes big data-center consumes the amount of energy comparable to consuming of the small American town.

3. Data-centers older than 7 years are considered outdated, however the average life cycle is 9 years

4. The biggest data-center in the world is in Chicago - it is supported by 53 generators, consumes 8.5 millions of gallons of cooling fluid a year and occupies space of 1.1 million square feet. In the year of 1999 it was reorganized to be used in telecom field.

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