How to Select a Web Hosting Company You Can Trust?

Web hosting is essential part of Internet, because it allows users to communicate and get access to web-sites. And if you are going to create your own site, you will need to find a web hosting provider. Don’t be surprised: the success of your web site greatly depends on the hosting company you choose. Not all companies are created equal. Here are some recommendations for people searching for a hosting provider in USA or other country.

Check the Speed of Servers

If the speed of servers you use is too slow, visitors will be annoyed and are more likely to abandon pages. As a rule, people hate waiting more than 3 seconds for a web-page to open. If that is your case, that will negatively affect your SEO (ranking in Google and Bing). Those who elaborate large-scale web-sites should consider using dedicated servers in USA. They ensure great performance, fast speed and 100% of resource effectiveness.

Test Customer Service of the Company

Before working with a company, test how its customer support team works. Try to contact them via phone calls, chat or email and see how soon you will get the response. Ideally, customer support should be available on 24/7 basis, and reply as fast as they can. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about services, host plans and other issues concerning the company and its products.

Price: The Lower is Not the Better

The cost of service directly depends on the type of web hosting package. While shared hosting is affordable for every user, dedicated hosting in USA may be quite expensive. But of course, you get what you pay for. While shared hosting provides limited amount of resources and means being influenced by neighbors, dedicated hosting allows using a server on one’s own and customizing it. If you are starting a web-site or blog, shared and virtual hosting will be enough. When it overgrows the provided resources, VPS and dedicated hosting will be ideal solutions.

Check for Reviews

A nice idea is to read reviews of real customers (be aware of biased and fake comments), and ask your friends to recommend providers they work with. There are many special forums where you may ask people which provider to use and where to find services you need. Besides, you can subscribe on YouTube channels where people share their experience concerning hosting solutions: shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server (USA and European bloggers are mostly present).

Don’t Hesitate to Use Free Trial Periods

If you haven’t decided on the company yet, there are some enterprises offering a free or cheap domain with hosting package you need. That will help you to understand how everything works, and whether you want to continue partnership with the company. Besides, this is good way to test your site and introduce you into the world of hosting, if you are a newcomer.

Don’t Rush to Conclude a Contract

Some companies prefer working only after signing a contract. That may be risky, if you don’t know who you are going to work with. What if you won’t be satisfied with the quality of service, or your project outgrows the host plan? You won’t be able to cancel the partnership without losing money. It is better to sign a contract for a month or two, or just choose pay-as-you-go system.

INXYHOST is a brilliant variant for users who need dedicated hosting with outstanding performance and total reliability. The company offers advanced hardware of Dell and SuperMicro brands, working with the biggest providers and data-centers in Europe and the States, including TierPoint (USA). It provides all you need for trouble-free web hosting: customer support available 24/7, wide choice of dedicated server configurations, and reasonable pricing policy.

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