How to make your dedicated server more secure?

Using the secure dedicated server allows to get rid of many problems. To tell the truth there are some things, performing which you will be able to make your server secure. So let us see what they are:

  1. Change your SSH listening port

On your dedicated server change the SSH listening port from 22 to something else. It is a standard port and it will be always good to change it tom something less obvious. By doing this you will be able to get rid of automated attacks aiming to obtain logins and passwords of users that are stored on your server.

  1. Use only TLS

Another mean to protect your server from hackers is to use protected interface (TLS) to administer your server. This protocol allows to protect the connection between your server and your computer through data encryption and therefore the hackers won't be able to get your account information.

  1. Regularly update your software

This advice may be obvious but in reality many people fail to update the software in time. Just remember that hackers will be able to penetrate your computer more easily if your software is outdated.

  1. Pay attention to your login and password

Another obvious measure is the creation of the password that will be hard to break. However, if you are similar to many other people, it is highly likely that you have created the password that is easy to remember. It may be the name or surname of your relative, friend, pet or an important date. It is a bad idea and you should go away from this practice. Hackers have special instruments that allow to do cryptoanalytical attack on your dedicated server and to obtain your password. As a result of such attack the malicious software will try to guess your password based on different words until it finds correct one. That's why do yourself a favor and make your password strong - include letters of different register, numbers and other symbols. After that just don't forget to store the password in a safe place and regularly update it.


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