How to make money with a blog?

The main reason why many people create sites and blogs is to earn on it. In fact, a well-developed, top-ranked blog allows making great money. You will be surprised to find out that monetizing your blog is the easiest way to make money online and generate income when you only start. This can be done various ways, and we will describe the most popular methods of making blogs profitable.

1. Affiliate (or referral) links are placed on your images or in text. They direct users to a third party web-site. If users make a purchase on this site, you are given commission for that. It is very easy to participate in some affiliate program – you should just sign up for it. Affiliate networks are easier to join. These include Shareasale, Commission Junction, e-Junkie, Amazon Associates and others.

When you join a program, you should log into the account and copy affiliate links. When putting links in your text, take care of the anchor text and make sure that they correspond with the sentences. Do not forget that you should disclose that affiliate links are used on your pages, this is the requirement of the Federal Trade Commission.

2. Ad spots allow making money by recommending others’ products in your blog. There are three options for that: make your own ads with affiliate links, sell your ad spots for a fee, or join a network that will sell ad space. The first variant makes more sense, because you can control the aesthetics of ads and their position. It is better selling ad space for some certain fees, because you will know that your income won’t depend on the level of sales and number of clicks.

3. Newsletter is another good option. In this case you can also either find a partner on your own or with the help of some network. Ads are usually good for newsletter monetization, but some mail services do not allow using affiliate links when sending newsletters via them. Everything depends on your service provider.

4. Sponsored posts can be posted if you find a company that may pay you for product reviews or some articles. Keep in mind that you should write the review sincerely and disclose that the post is sponsored. When making a review, describe your personal experience and give a close look at the product. Even if you have received the payment for the article already, you can make further income by referring readers to buy it.

5. Sweepstakes or giveaways are another type of sponsored posts. Think that you can’t generate money from them? In fact, giveaways generate pretty traffic spikes involving many users. When organizing a giveaway it is important to track all entries and choose a random winner. Remember that there are various local regulations of sweepstakes in many countries.

And don’t forget that when you start you blog and plan to make it large-scale, users’ experience is the main condition of success. Order dedicated hosting or CDN services to ensure stable and easy access.

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