How to increase income from games with the help of CDN

Games are global business that opens a lot of opportunities to those who knows its laws. To increase your income from games you have to constantly increase the number of players - and the global market gives a lot of opportunities for that.

Creating a new game the developer as a rule pays most attention to the plot and graphics. However, the project infrastructure is very important too - the experience of players depends on it.

CDN use allows to make this experience better and to earn more money. Let us see what advantages can CDN bring to gaming.

1) Quick file loads - CDN significantly increases the load of files of the game, updates and other downloadable content and makes stable network connection possible

2) Growth of the player base - good speed of content downloading increases the loyalty of existing players and brings new players to project.

3) Growth of income - the more players you have, the bigger the amount of in-game purchases that they made (in-game currency, paid enhancements and additional content).

4) Save on hardware - as the number of player grows you won't have to constantly upgrade your hardware because CDN allows to reallocate network load among their own servers and it will give players the opportunity to download content from the nearest geographical point possible and decrease the main server load. It may become useful also when the download of huge updates takes place.

Even the greatest and the most beautiful game won't be able to become popular if it freezes from time to time or you have to wait for hours to download additional content or the latest update. Players expectations have great influence on the level of income that developers get from the game. If you use good and reliable CDN with reliable network, the gamers purchase more and you get more income as a result.


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