How to create a domain name?

So, here you are, resolving to launch your own site. Everything is ready, but there is one task left – to choose a domain name. There are thousands, if not millions of sites in the Net, and, probably, the name you wanted to use is already taken by someone. What to do? Switch your imagination on and create a unique, and yet memorable address. Here are several recommendations for those who are confused and need some guidance and inspiration.

- Domain name should be quite short, less than 15 characters to be better memorized and more convenient to spell.

- Is there need in keywords? In fact, if you develop something novel and creative, you don’t have to include it. But if you elaborate e-commerce site that greatly relies on SEO, which would be a good idea. Although the recent researches show that Google may penalize exact-match URLs, users still are more likely to click on the links containing key words and phrases. The best option is to combine a keyword with a brand name domain.

- Don’t use numbers or hyphens – they are not memorized, not convenient to type, and when pronounced, do not allow to understand how exactly the site name is written. Besides, Google policy has changed, and now such domain names are no longer favored.

- Create a unique domain! Make sure you don’t copy any others’ names and ideas.

- Ensure that domain and available and only then copy and register your site.

- If you don’t want to connect the brand name with the domain name, pick up any word randomly, or basing on your preferences: favorite movie characters, animals, fruit, color, song titles, etc.

And the last piece of advice: if you are elaborating a serious, long-term project don’t stick to the recent trends. Try to create something that will be relevant and suitable for your brand in two, five and even ten years. Be creative and original, but think about the name of the domain as a carte-de-visite of your site.

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