How to choose dedicated server

When the project develops it comes to the point when it needs to be moved from shared hosting platform to dedicated server. But how to choose it wisely?

First of all you have to understand the approximate needed configuration and your budget. Technical-wise you will need to pay attention to processor, RAM, hard drives and uplink channel. Of course, pay attention to technical support your potential hosting company provides.

Let us review each position.

Processor - Here you should always pay attention to its model, number of cores and other technical characteristics. There are many websites on the Internet where knowing the model of processor you will be able to find full information on them and compare them to others.

RAM - it is a very important component. Enough RAM gives server the ability to stand peak loads.

Hard drives - here there are many different variants - SATA, SAS or SSD. To achieve the best productivity several variants may be used within one system. Sometimes, when the loads onto disk subsystems are high, RAID-controllers are used.

Channel - this can be also checked by you with the help of ping and trace. Pay attention to this because when using cheap hosting channels may be narrower than it is said.

Geographical position - you should take into account the audience of your project and understand where your server should better be located. Of course, the closer the better.


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