How to access your dedicated server

As soon as you ordered a dedicated server you have to learn how to access it. In general, it may be done in several ways. First of all, you may connect to your server by using FTP, in case, for example, it is full-managed and you need to control your user content. If you administer your dedicated server yourself, you may access it via one of the popular control panels, however, such products are usually paid.

If you didn’t buy control panel, because you don’t need it, you will always be able to connect to server using the SSH protocol. It is the advanced solution that lets you establish tunnel connection between two machines of the same network or of different networks. There are different SSH clients for various platforms, such as Windows, Linux or Mac, but they usually work the same way. You will have to put in the hostname or IP, to which you want to connect and then open the connection. After that you will see the prompt to enter login and password. If the provided credentials are correct, the connection will be established.


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