How dedicated servers influence SEO?

When purchasing a hosting solution, many web developers are considering its SEO implication. The same applies to dedicated hosting server. When buying a dedicated server, some people believe they improve SEO just because of the type of solution. This is a delusion, because dedicated server optimization does not affect SEO directly. Site is not optimized by default when you order this solution – it is simply hosted on a private server. 

However, usage of dedicated server influences web-site ranking implicitly. This is the result of privatization of your resources – your web-site is not affected by actions and performance of others’ projects. Just by itself a dedicated server for SEO is useless idea – search engines do not make difference between types of hosting. But it makes it easier to optimize your site for SEO improvement.

Modern users hate waiting, which makes some web-masters prefer easy ride and optimize SEO even by illegitimate ways. When web is exploited so that to gain good ranks in searches engines, cheating may cause undesirable outcomes that affect owners of other sites hosted on a shared server. Even if you decide to play fair and square, you may eventually get affected by others’ actions. That’s one of things which make people scare shared hosting.

Although some people do not approach this aspect seriously, speed plays an important role in the SEO of any Internet project. Today, most search engines take into consideration such facts as loading times and speed when ranking a site. For example, Google alters its algorithm every time to ensure that user always sees the best performing web-sites. As a rule, web-sites that load very quickly are ranked better, because they are considered to be very important and valuable for users. It goes without saying that the SEO of every site depends on its speed, although there are many other factors that also play role. All in all, it is always beneficial to have a quickly loading site, no matter what its other advantages are.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, dedicated servers helps by improving loading speed of web-sites considerably. In fact, this solution tends to be more effective than any other web hosting option. A dedicated server is perfect for web-site optimization, especially in a competitive industry. But the most important thing that you get from dedicated hosting is total control and management of server resources. You can either take up entire responsibility over your server, or delegate administration to the technical staff of your hosting provider. Anyway, you can install any software and applications you want, have root access and change different operating systems. All features and software may be used exactly as you want to improve performance of your web-site. The most pleasant part of having a dedicated server is not sharing with anyone else.

A dedicated server is the most reasonable solution if your web-site lacks load speed, which affects SEO. As soon as you implement dedicated hosting, you will see positive changes within a week – site will load much quicker, attracting new visitors and improving ranking.



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