Five Server Problems That May Affect Work of Your Website

Common problems with server may cause different troubles, starting from slow page loading to total breakdown of website. If clients can’t get access to your online project, they are likely to go to your competitors. Various studies show that slow page loading affects brand perception, boosts page abandonment rates and may even stress users out. If you don’t want to hurt your company’s reputation and general productivity, pay attention to the following aspects. We present five server problems that may influence your website.

1. Slow loading of pages. About 50% of visitors abandon web-sites that load more than 3 seconds. Many things can make up for slow page loading: image rendering, complicated forms of video and audio on autoplay, etc. Sometimes it’s client’s browser that decelerates everything. Often, the root of the problem is that your server runs slowly, which results into the loss of revenue and number of visitors. To fix that problem, you can order a stronger server and ensure that you have a strong support team to rely on them on 24/7 basis. A fully managed server solution will keep your server operable and improve the speed of pages.

2. Viruses and Cyber Attacks. Security is what you should always be concerned about. Make sure that your web-site, your company, employees and customers are always safe. Many sites are still vulnerable to common attacks on data-centers performed to crack server, disrupt services, and steal personal information. Protection from viruses and attacks is essential part of any business. When you select a managed host, make sure it will monitor your systems and offer solutions to protect against potential breaches of security.

3. High traffic. The main aim of any web-site or web service is to increase the volume of traffic. Of course, boost of traffic is a positive sign: your brand is evolving, the campaign is working well. But when the traffic is huge and unexpected, you may have troubles with functionality. It may lead to slow loading or complete interruption of site work and its crash. Having a strong server and advanced hosting provider will prevent traffic from becoming a problem for you. When you are expecting a rush of clients, you can ask the provider to make changes in hardware to ensure top-notch level of service for your clients.

4. Issues with software and hardware. Sooner or later, any online business may face the problems with their hardware. If you have a support team to rely on, you can ask them to fix everything up quickly and avoid downtime. It is always great to have a specialist who can resolve the issue in a matter of a few minutes. Using high-quality data-centers and professional technician’s help you will make sure that your web service is always operable.

5. Site downtime is the biggest problem that may happen. Physical disasters (fire, flood, etc.) may completely destroy your server. Another thing that may cause it shut down is a cyber attack. In other cases, your site may suffer from slow performance and stay without proper backup when it crashes. Downtime may cost your company a lot – the more your web-site is out of service, the more customers you lose. By using the services of managed hosting provider (for instance, INXYHOST), you may prevent different issues connected with server management. Trust professionals, and they won’t let your web-server to break down, resolving all problems that appear.

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