Energy efficiency in data-centers

Speaking about data centers we should always mind energy efficiency. Really, who would refuse to gain the same results by spending less resources? The problem, however, is in the fact that the higher efficiency costs money and companies usually spend money only if they are able to earn something.

Nevertheless the market itself can make data-centers increase their energy-efficiency. Let us imagine two data-centers that offer the same services to their clients. One provider finds out that by increasing energy-efficiency it may reduce costs. This provider will have advantage in prices and the second provider will begin to lose market and revenue. Afterwards the second provider will still have to work on its energy efficiency or face the total exit from the market.

Let us review more tough situation - the first provider finds out that certain investment may increase energy efficiency but he will also have to increase the prices to protect itself from risks that may occur. Will the clients of the second data-center come to the first data-center simply because it is more effective given the greater prices? Not too likely - the surveys show that people would more likely eat more cheap food with pesticides than more expensive food without them.

In other words, data centers have tough (or not too tough) decision regarding energy efficiency.


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