Dedicated web-hosting: the cheaper the better?

When choosing dedicated hosting servers all of us pay attention to the price. For some clients, the main aim is to save as much as they can on a server. But is this approach correct? The best dedicated hosting can’t be too cheap, and low-cost services usually come with some sort of pitfalls – deal with it. What are the main drawbacks of cheap hosting?

Severe limitation of resources

As a rule, cheap dedicated servers are old and non-efficient. Besides, they are likely to lack the needed amount of resources and work too slowly. Using such server, you will inevitably face the problem of poor performance and overloading.

Higher risk of server failure

Any hard disk of server has some kind of life cycle: the amount of time it works smoothly and reliable. As soon as server’s lifetime is over, the risk of failure and performance degradation raises. Its speed reduces, and user suffers from bugs and errors. Decent providers discard such hard drives and replace them with up-to-date ones. But not cheap hosts – they continue using these hard disks that tend to fail eventually. That poses threat to users’ data.

Little or no backups

Often, new users don’t know about the importance of backups, so provider takes care of it. But the chances that a cheap dedicated web host does that are minor. Even if it does, there may size limitation or short retainment period. In addition, you may be charged for restoring a backup!

Inexperienced support

Practice shows that response to tickets comes too slowly, and many cheap hosts don’t even have proper support software. But even if these are not problem of the host, support team may be simply unable to answer simple questions and solve minor problems. It goes without saying that complicated issues are not taken into consideration at all – there is no one to help you.

Unskilled technicians

Experiences and reliable technicians are too expensive for cheap web hosts, so if there is a problem with server or security – don’t expect quick and professional help. As the result, downtime is inevitable.

Minimum scalability options

What if you realize that your web-site faces traffic spikes, and current resources are not enough? The best web hosting companies allow switching to other solutions without fees and problems. But cheap hosts usually don’t offer such option, or will charge you for it. Besides, if you have some issues with data and security during data transition, customer support team may be unable to aid you.

Together with these problems you may also suffer from poor security and hidden costs. So think twice before opting for a cheap server – all in all, we get what we pay for.


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