Dedicated servers: managed vs. unmanaged

Dedicated server is one of crucial things to provide effective hosting and IT project functioning. Generally, all dedicated servers are divided into managed and unmanaged ones, and it is highly important to know the difference between them.

Unmanaged servers are controlled by the user only. This is a perfect variant for people who may and need to run projects on their own, which saves a lot of money. But maintenance of such a server requires a lot of knowledge and time.

Managed servers are partially controlled by internet service providers. It means that technical support, back-ups and functionalities may be performed for the user on his request. It releases people from some responsibilities and helps in situation when server failures must be eliminated instantly. A good option for both small and large business developers. The only obvious disadvantage of manages servers is their price: cost is higher, if compared with other types of servers.

Anyway, both types prove to be very effective in various spheres, starting from online games and Internet stores, and finishing by education portals and video conferences.

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