Dedicated server for small business

Every person starting small business thinks how to save money, but sooner or later there is a situation when it is necessary to develop further and one is unable to deny the need of dedicated server anymore, especially if we speak about the electronic commerce websites. There occurs a moment when the shared hosting fails to give needed resources to handle certain amount of visitors and your resource therefore will work slower or be even down. As a result, you lose clients or sales.

Recent investigations made by Scottish scientists shwed that every hour of downtime costs a company 163,674 USD. It concerns not only large companies but involves individual businessmen as well. On average every resource of every company is unavailable for 27 hours a year and it may influence the income up to 22 per cent.

Of course, small business just cannot afford to lose such business and dedicated server is not luxury here - it is a real need and reliable investment for the future that will bring your spent money back multiple times.

Evern if your website is very attractive you should think about reliable hosting platform - only in this case it will bring you success. Thus the dedicated server does good job for small business and allows to develop further.

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