Dedicated server and cloud hosting

Given that the cloud technologies are developing rather quickly, the choice between dedicated server and cloud in the hosting area became the source of discussions - you will see such topics on the most forums and blogs, however you won’t always find bold facts there. Here we will try to see both kinds of hosting and to give you the understanding of them from the neutral point of view.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is new popular solution in hosting world and they have potential for sure. Once they will become good solution for hosting. In this case the server is working on virtual software. In cloud technology it  means that one server produces several virtual servers and from user point of veiw they are dedicated. However, they are not.

Dedicated servers

The use of the dedicated servers for hosting is conventional. They are known to be reliable and recommended for any kind of projects - interactive websites, powerful web-applications and many other things. You may get a dedicated server easily - it is enough to lease it from one of the companies that provide such services and then to pay monthly fee. As a result, you get physical server at your disposal.


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